It was said "IT COULD NOT BE DONE!" Then Intel engineers exclaimed "We could have put 10,000 engineers in a room for 10,000 years and they would have never come up with Arumai's ideas..."  Founded in September 2012, Arumai is the only, leading, independent, pure play OTT products and solutions company in the ecosystem today.  


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Warner Bros. is using our                                                                                       HBO is using our world-renowned                                                            Intel's Real3D Inc. graphics  unit used     disruptive scaling formulas to                                                                                streaming systems and methods                                                              our  disruptive SoC digital zoom and    encode digital dailies, feature                                                                                 to deliver video on the fly behind                                                            pan solutions as add-in cards for              films, and domestic and                                                                                          the broadcast with varying transfer                                                        laptops, PC's , and  now integrated           international TV programming.                                                                               rates to its HBO Go customers.                                                               motherboards.