Taken from a Tamilian name meaning rareness, dearness, and preciousness, Arumai creates software that performs video encoding, decoding, transcoding, and pixel processing tasks for adaptive bitrate streaming of video over IP networks. Founded in September 2012, it is the only, leading, independent, pure play OTT products and solutions company in the industry today.

It was said "IT COULD NOT BE DONE!", the delivery of high quality video with a limited universe of bandwidth and storage capacity. Then Intel engineers witnessed and exclaimed "...we could have put 10,000 engineers in a room for 10,000 years and they would have never come up with Arumai's ideas..."  Hence, a new era had begun, the encoding, streaming, and decoding of full screen, full frame rate digital video without the involvement of a multi system operator in control or distribution of the content. 

Every day our OTT products and solutions deliver millions of content streams to mobile phones, tablets/laptops/PC's, game consoles, and HDTV's in every market in the world on behalf of content owners, service providers, and OEMs.

Arumai does not believe Pay TV will ever fully disappear, but that the video ecosystem is in and will continue to be in the growing era of TV+ - Pay TV + OTT products and solutions.