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Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Definition and Nature of the Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) specialists program computers to "think." Most AI specialists work in applied AI. The goal of applied AI, or advanced information processing, is to program computer expert systems ("smart" systems)—those that can, for example, recognize a fingerprint for security purposes, recognize voices, interpret information, solve problems, and speak in a human like voice.

The development of expert systems enables computers to make specific judgments and give advice to users by incorporating human expertise. Computers are able to diagnose illnesses, evaluate psychological tests, locate natural resources, and perform many other important functions. Expert systems are used in the fields of medicine, law, geology, and accounting. In medicine, expert systems can make the knowledge and experience of top specialists available to all doctors. These specialists work with AI specialists to develop programs for the identification of diseases. AI scientists at naval research laboratories have even developed a robot that can be sent aboard an unmanned submarine to repair crippled vessels.

Education and Training Requirements

The field requires a strong background in programming or systems analysis or fluency in several computer languages. Most artificial intelligence specialists have master's or doctoral degrees in computer science or cognitive science (a combination of psychology, psycholinguistics, computer science, anthropology, and philosophy). 

To be considered for this opportunity, please email your cover letter and resume to careers@iviewitholdings.com