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Video Algorithms Engineer


The Video Algorithm Engineer will be part of the Algorithm Group that is within the R&D organization
Define new algorithms for transcoding, encoding, deinterlacing, scaling and miscellaneous video analytics
Develop and maintain a bit-accurate C/C++ model for video transcoding chips
Work with a video firmware team to port algorithms from model to firmware


PhD in related field with 4+ years of experience, or MS in related field with 6+ years of experience
Must be intimately familiar with the Video formats of interest - MPEG2/H.264/HEVC H.265 transcoding as well as decoding of DIVX, XVID, VC1, VPx and other formats
Must have intimate knowledge of inter/intra prediction, mode decision, quantization, transforms, and entropy coding (CABAC, CAVLC, MPEG2 VLC etc)
Superior motivation, positive attitude

Additional Requirements:

Must be an expert in C/C++
Must be proficient multi-threaded programming with good knowledge of concurrency issues and solutions
Understanding of software engineering development practices and values adherence to process & methodology (documentation, unit-testing, review, source control, etc.)
To be considered for this opportunity, please email your cover letter and resume to careers@iviewitholdings.com