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Senior Patent Counsel

Job Duties:

  Patent Prosecution: Advise company on patents and prosecute patents;  Obtain patent, track them and manage them.
•  Licensing: Issue notices to deter others from infringing on their patents; draft and help negotiate license.

Knowledge and Skills:

• Must have thorough knowledge of patent laws.
• Latest developments in patent rules and legal decisions concerning patents.
• Strong background in science and technology, as most inventions are related to these fields.
• Sound research ability and the ability to scan materials fast to arrive at the right information.
• Good public speaking ability. 

Educational Qualification and Experience:

•  BS in an engineering discipline (EE a +), J.D. from an accredited institution (top ten school a +).
 6+ years of full time experience as in house counsel or law firm.
•  Membership of a State and U.S. Patent Bars.
•  Former Patent Examiner a ++.

To be considered for this opportunity, please email your cover letter and resume to katherine@tsgsix.com