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Secretary to the Board of Directors

Job Summary: 

The Secretary shall ensure that minutes of all meetings are maintained and placed in the minute books, forms, documents, and fees are filed on time.

Reports To: 

Chairman of the Board and the Board of Directors

Works With: 

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors


  • Works with the Chairman to establish and prioritize the agenda for each Board of Directors meeting and records minutes of all meetings.
  • Reads the previous Board of Directors meeting minutes at each Board of Directors meeting and notes any needed corrections.
  • Ensures the minutes are made available to all members of the Board of Directors and shareholders within fourteen days after board meetings.
  • Ensures that actions taken by the Board of Directors without a meeting are approved by a majority of the Board of Directors with majority consent in writing and such consents are filed with the minutes.
  • Archives the historical and current  minutes for the Company.  The Book of Minutes is made available to any Board and shareholder requesting a review of past minutes.
  • Oversees and maintains the records of all official external correspondence on behalf of the Company.
  • Announces the next Board of Director meeting, publishes and distributes the agenda for the Board members.  
  • Compiles and communicates the submitted nominations for vacant and expiring Board of Director positions to the Board of Directors. 
  • Publishes the names of all the active members of the Board of  Directors at least annually.
To be considered for this opportunity, please email your cover letter and resume to careers@iviewitholdings.com