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Video Scaling Techniques

In the video value chain, disruptively positioned between the post production tools functional block and any MPEG-like compression scheme (attached below), Iviewit’s video scaling techniques utilize scaled video encodes to produce full-screen, full frame rate video at 75% lower storage requirements, 75% lower bandwidth requirements, and lower processing power. This process enables the delivery of rich media at full-screen resolution with normal TV-equivalent frame rates at extremely low bandwidths. At high bandwidths, the process provides superior processing efficiencies and creates 75% smaller file sizes for download or distribution (i.e. DVD’s, HD-DVD’s, etc.), a significant savings when combined with generic or proprietary compression technologies.

As a result of the efficiencies created by the scaled video processes on the encoding and decoding systems, these applications yield efficiencies in High Definition markets across any transmission network, viewable on any display device. 

P. Stephen Lamont,
Jul 21, 2013, 11:17 AM